Saturday, March 29, 2008

Punkymoods - Adding A Script

On my old blog I had done a series of posts where I tried to explain how to do some basic blogging things. One of those posts sprang from an interview I'd done with Peter, the mastermind behind the ever popular Punkymoods, and I explained how to add HTML scripts to your sidebar.

Peter had been kind enough to post a link to my blog on his front page, so when I closed my blog I thought it only fair to tell him the link would no longer work. He still had the post in cache though and sent it to me so I could put it back up here!


How To Add HTML Scripts
(Using Punkymoods as an example.)
  1. Create an account at Punkymoods. Then find the code. (Yes, I marked out my ID number.) Highlight it and "Copy" it.

  2. Go to your template's "Layout" page.

  3. Click "Add a Page Element."

  4. Look for "HTML/JavaScript" and click "Add To Blog" to open it.

  5. "Paste" the code in there and name it something. Click "Save Changes." Now you can drag the page element anywhere you want it to be.

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Smalltown RN said...

I hope you continue to do your help topics like this....I really found them useful...and very easy to follow....