Friday, April 11, 2008

Just A Quickie

Just a quickie..
Turning the tables - Is there something you'd like to ask ME?


bundle-o-contradictions said...

You're not upset that I haven't given you a call lately, are you?

Barb said...

Autumn - You know you can call anytime you want to. It's been a rough week for me, so I haven't been doing any calling either. :)

Forgetfulone said...

Hmmmmm. Where do you find your cool pictures for your "caption this" contest?

Mom Knows Everything said...

Okay I have a question for you.....If you don't like Skittles then why is your blog named Skittles' Place?

Barb said...

forgetfulone - One word.. Google!

I usually do the Caption things on Thursdays, so on Wednesday I head over to Google and will type in search words like.. bad hair, strange people, cute kids, etc. until I find one I want to use.

Barb said...

Tammy - When I first started out on the Internet it was in chat rooms on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The first screen name I ever used was Spryte, but I changed names over the years and eventually settled on Skittles. (I had seen someone with the screen name Snapple and I thought it was cool, so I tried to find one similar. LOL)

When I made my first traditional webpage I called it Skittles' Place, so when I came to blogging I just brought it with me. I've been "Skittles" for so long that it seemed natural.

The 0366 came from when I started playing Pogo games about six years ago. Someone already had registered the Skittles name so I added the 0366, which at the time was the last four numbers of my daughter's cell phone. :)

Anonymous said...

rather than asking you a question, i have tagged you for the hubby meme!

Misty DawnS said...

Will you convince your husband to let me play with his r/c car?

When we meet in June/July, are you gonna bring Sasha so I can give her treats... I mean, so she can meet me too?

Did you know that your sidebars are not perfectly and exactly balanced now? hehehe (I can hear you telling me to shup)

You all ready to play CC?

How do you always manage to know what's going on in my head when I'm not even sure what's going on in my head?

Are you enjoying the Robin Cook book?

What's the color schemes in your rooms, especially the living room? (I forget and there's a method to my madness here)

Am I becoming annoying with all my questions?

Did I at least make you laugh?

You just wanna smack me right now, don't ya?

Did you know that you are one of my best buds and I luv ya bunches?

*giggling and running away from the 'puter now*

Barb said...

Misty -

You'll have to talk to him about that. Good luck cuz he didn't even let oldest son play with it last week. :P

I thought in June/July you were coming to my house, so yeah.. you can meet Sasha. :)

Shup. I know about my sidebars.

I've BEEN ready to plat CC!

The book is much better than some of his I've read. :)

My living room is navy and maroon.

You're never annoying and you always make me laugh. :)

Sandy M said...

I totally respect your opinion. I so love your blog and although sometimes I'm just a lurker, I missed you the times you were gone.

My question is a 2 parter - Did you ever feel like there was just no point to the blogging? I am so addicted to it, yet I get hardly any traffic. What am I doing wrong?
Seriosly any help would be appreciated!

Barb said...

Charlotte - I'll get to it soon. I promise!

Barb said...

sandy -

I've felt many, many times that I didn't want to blog anymore. Especially at the pace I set for myself. It burns me out a lot and I have to step away.

My advice to you would be that if you enjoy it, then keep doing it. Don't worry about the hits or traffic. If you make just one or two friends then you've done well.

Always be yourself, too. That's really important. :)