Sunday, May 25, 2008

Couldn't Top This!

The latest season of American Idol has come and gone and David Cook won. Going into the finale I favored David Archuleta by a fraction, but I think either of them deserved to win.

The BEST moment of the finale for me though was this one where Cook jammed with ZZ Top! I dare you not to dance in your chair or at least tap your foot. (Laugh.)


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Shelby said...

one of the best moments of the show

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I thought it was a truly outstanding performance, a memory for him for sure.

Akelamalu said...

A worthy winner methinks!

I'm off to see Shayne Ward (winner of X Factor here) in 30 mins. :0

Tammy said...

Wasn't that an amazing performance! Aurora was disappointed, but she's still in love. hehehe

Misty Dawn said...

Oh YEAH! This was AWESOME! My favorite part of the show for sure - I had goosebumps it sounded so great!

poor man's nicole richie said...

i supported Cookie all the way although I did not expect him to win.
I cried when he was declared the winner.
this is one of the coolest performances he's had. i liked him shuffle and yeah, it's my time to see /hear zz top. I also got this clip on my site.

Erika said...

I love cook! and I'm so glad he won!