Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Odds And Ends

I guess I'm having more panic than I care to admit. Now... panic doesn't just happen in places where you might expect it to like malls and such. For me it also happens online.

I really, really noticed it yesterday when I felt I should visit the people who had signed in here for Heads Or Tails. I got through the first half pretty easily, then I put off finishing the other half until I didn't feel I could any longer out of respect for those who had visited me. I was almost freaking out the whole time. And visiting the ones who had signed in at the HoT main page, but not here??? No way. It just wasn't going to happen.

I've managed to break the blogging addiction which is a good thing. For every post I don't do anymore means I'm off having a "real life." But it bothers me that I can't do it when I want to. Obviously I can sometimes garner enough courage to write a post. That's about where it ends.


On another note, but possibly tying in.. Hubby was on 2nd shift yesterday and is again tonight. The rest of the week he's on split shifts. It's so weird (scary) not having him home when he usually is.

He's on layoff again next week but we probably won't go anywhere. He gets 95% pay on layoff so at least it doesn't hurt us financially.


Can someone please tell me why Jason is still on American Idol???? *UGH* I really hope he gets voted off tonight.


Misty DawnS said...

((((HUGS))))... I've been in a panic for the opposite reason, because I haven't visited blogs and I've put myself on a major guilt trip about it... major guilt trip.

I agree with you about the Jason thing. What is up with him and how he is acting? It's like he doesn't care - like he thinks it's all a joke.

masgblog said...

Jason is finally gone gone gone....and Taylor is getting onto one of your country's stamps!!!! Yay!

jenn said...

Get better!!!!

Unknown said...

Jason is gone....SMILE!

I have the same sense of panic you do, it is hard to overcome but we must to live and to function.

If you ever need to talk email me.
I am starting a new medication this week for my anxiety disorder.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

:) I'm happy to know you're living a "real life," no matter what. Don't you worry about us, you do what makes you most comfy.

Mom Knows Everything said...

If David Archuletta doesn't win my 14 year old daughter will be crushed. She is totally ga-ga over him. LOL