Sunday, August 03, 2008


Cherrise is my second highest character in World of Warcraft. She's a level 37 Blood Elf Hunter with a boar for pet. She has two sets of clothes to wear:

This is her armor outfit that she wears when out questing.

And this is what she wears when she's in town. (She likes to
dress up in sexy costumes when she's not fighting.)


Forgetfulone said...

Cool! My 17 year old nephew was impressed that at least I had heard of World of Warcraft. He's very into it.

ShannonW said...

She looks great Barb :)

My hunter is now level 62 and in The Outlands! She uses a bear as a pet.

Mom Knows Everything said...

She looks a little like Zelda.

Le Butterfly said...

Interesting - this past week I have met a few people that are into this game.

I am not into gaming at all