Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heads Or Tails #53 - Talk


I love to talk. I've made posts in the past about how I'll talk to just about anyone. Sometimes to the point that I get a "STFU and let me go about my way" look. Cashiers, business people, our apartment manager are a few examples.

The main person I love to talk to (with) is my husband. Unfortunately he seems to tune me out a lot. To be honest here, I occasionally tune him out as well.

Communication is the key to any relationship. But with us sitting back to back, maybe only four or five feet apart, and playing World Of Warcraft.. all we really seem to talk about is the game.

Take this past Sunday. He was staying up later than his usual night before work bedtime and when I asked him about it, he told me he'd taken Monday off.

Me: You did?
Him: Yep
Me: Why didn't you tell me?
Him: I forgot.
Me : *Sigh* How could you forget something like that?
Him: I don't know.

Ah well.. it gave us an extra day to play more World Of Warcraft.




smarmoofus said...

I loved this song when it came out! I haven't heard it in ages. (Is my age showing?)

I think you can relax about the lack of communication a bit if you have common interests. Building a marriage on World of Warcraft is totally healthy. *nods* Definitely.

Happy HoT!

Anonymous said...

Men! You can`t live with them, and you can`t kill them. Hahaha.

Seriously though, I agree with you that communication is very important. In fact, I think it may well be the most important part of any relationship. Maybe that`s why I`m single, not many men are willing to use proper communication. Talk is worth nothing, though, unless it is comminication.

Tina said...

men- they have the minds of children sometimes lol. at least you got to play your game though eh!

Gemma Wiseman said...

I don't know anything about World of Warcraft, but at least you two are sharing an interest together!

Annabel said...

haha don't worry, people tend to taune me out when i'm talking too :P i just talk louder until they start paying attention!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a talker too, and yep hubby and I can talk and talk for hours :) Happy HOT day! :)

Hootin Anni said...


Happy HoT day my dear Skittles!!!

The Curmudgeon said...

A good song selection.

This Paul Revere lyric occurred to me:

Too much talk, and not enough action

Do you know anybody gettin' satisfaction?
Everbody wonders 'bout the crowd's reaction.
And the world gets better by a very small fraction.

But I was confusing this with something else, too -- the memory buffer is filled with all the wrong stuff....

Anonymous said...

We are so bad about talking to each other that sometimes we call each other on our cell phones from different rooms in the house. LOL

Forgetfulone said...

I don't understand why it doesn't dawn on our husbands to TALK to us and tell us things like that! My husband is so guilty of that!

Anonymous said...

When Tom was still here, he and I would sit back to back like that with him playing WoW and me playing something else or blogging, and it was still its own kind of connection, even without a lot of talking. That's one of the things I look most forward to once we are back under the same roof. Good stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

That is funny you both play WoW at the same time.

I guess when you have been with someone a while, you know what they are saying without saying a thing.

storyteller said...

Living alone, I end up talking to myself (or to Molly and Ms Kitty) more often than not ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mom Knows Everything said...

I talk and talk, but for some reason my husband never seems to listen....strange eh? LOL

ShannonW said...

I have not done this one yet but I will soon!