Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day

I was on the phone yesterday with my Second Son (SS). His five year old son ("A"), his oldest child, started Kindergarten.

According to SS it went well. He and his wife were able to leave "A" at school with minimal tear shed. "A" was only slightly confused when SS said it was time to leave and take Mommy to work. "A" asked if after they took Mommy to work could they come back to school.

It was harder on the 2 year old daughter ("E") that was still at home. She was LOST without her big brother at home to play with.

This is my second grandchild in school now. The six year old grandson starts today and is repeating Kindergarten.

It's somewhat amazing to me that some of my grandchildren are school age. How can this be? It seems like only yesterday that my own kids were starting school. I also remember how each of them handled the experience in different ways..

My oldest son (OS) is now and always has been a "people person." He was ready for school and never gave me a second glance as I left him at school the first day. (I went home and cried until it was time to pick him up.)

SS was a different story because he was shy. He clung to me and didn't want me to leave him. In fact after a few days of taking him, I delegated the task to OS. I would have to almost push SS out the door and close it.

My daughter was just carefree about the whole thing. She liked to go and wasn't scared about it at all. School for her was an opportunity to talk. And talk. And talk.

Of the three kids, I'd have to say I was most like SS when I was facing a new school year. I never had to be pushed out the door, but I was so terribly shy.

Do you have any "First Day Of School" experiences or memories to share?


ShannonW said...

The first day of school for my children made me cry until they got home. Especially with my youngest...they grow up way too fast.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Yesterday was my daughters first day of high school and she LOVED it! Weird eh! LOL

Christie O. said...

awwwww! my little boy (who's 2) started his first day of montessori a couple of weeks ago and he didn't even look back at me when i dropped him off. of course it's only a couple hours a day three times a week but still. he's happy! i cried a little but i am happy he's learning and making friends so that helps.

Erika Jean said...

Woo kindergarten! The only thing I remember from then was there red chair where the "bad kids" sat when they got in trouble!

I did a sort school memory...

Anonymous said...

My parents pulled me out of private school and put me in public school two months into the school year. That was kind of an odd experience. I can't remember too much about that first day except it was pretty confusing and sort of lonely since I didn't know ANYONE. That was the same school year as my sister was born and my mother got pregnant with twins. It was a hell of a year for sure!