Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Too Cute Ghouls

Can you believe it's already September? Me, either. Anyway.. I was just looking through a magazine I subscribe to (All You) and I saw this and knew I had to share it.

Aren't these kids too cute?!?! Guess what. They aren't kids. They are decorations you can make to dress up your yard for Halloween. (Halloween will be here before you know it.)

If you're a procrastinator like me, you may want to bookmark this post so you can find it around October 29th-30th. (Or 31st.)

Here's what you need:

Two dowels (3' long for boy, 2' long for girl)
Pants (Size 3T for boy, size 2T for girl)
Pair of socks
8" diameter Styrofoam ball
54" square of white fabric
Black felt

  1. Slide one pant leg over each dowel. Position dowels where you want figures to stand. Push dowels into ground about 6" apart.
  2. Crumple newspaper and stuff into pants and socks. Lift pant legs and tie top of each sock to a dowel with string, at the ankle. Pull pant legs over tops of socks and arrange socks to look like feet.
  3. Insert dowel ends into a Styrofoam ball about 2" to 3" apart.
  4. Drape white fabric over head and arrange as desired. Cut two 3" ovals out of felt for eyes and glue in place.
  5. Accessorize! For instance, give the boy a trick-or-treat bag.. attach it with a clothespin clipped underneath white fabric. For the girl, glue a bow to the top of her head.
I'm am SO not a craft person, but even I could make these. :)


Terri said...

This would be a great addition to our yearly Halloween display! Thanks for sharing!

ShannonW said...

This sounds too easy! Heck I may even be able to do it. Thanks for the idea Barb.

Angie said...

My mom made something like this years ago. They really are cute!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Those are so cute! I'm going to make these!!!

Lilly said...

They are so cute - great idea an great photo!!