Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love In The 1st Degree

I met my husband over eight years ago and on the 28th of this month we will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The road we traveled to get to the point we eventually arrived at was not always smooth and carefree.

We both came from homes that did not provide ideal role models. We both had had first marriages that left us with some baggage. Because of these things our relationship had maybe as many ups as it did downs.

We both underwent a learning process as the years went by and have finally reached a better place.


Seven years ago when we became engaged thoughts of engagement rings swirled around in my head. I hinted that I wanted one. I came right out and said that I wish I had one. His response was that he wouldn't buy one until he was sure that at some point I wouldn't take it off and throw it at him.

Having a ring isn't such as big a deal for me anymore. I don't need one to know how much he loves me. (Smile.)


ShannonW said...

*swoon* Randy Owens is such a hottie!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and your husband!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Happy Anniversary! That's less then a week away!

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Isn't love fun? When it's fun, that is. Sometimes it's...picking up socks in the middle of the living room & re-crushing cans for recycling. But it can be fun, too! You know what I mean. ;P