Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time To Vote

<--- This was the picture I wanted captions for. Here are the ones I received.

Now it's Time To Vote!

Shannon H. said... Half Time Entertainment: Santa Goes To Jail.

masgblog said... Yo Yo! It's da man wit da Ho Ho!

Tammy said... Security at the pole is getting so tight Santa needs a police escort these days.

Akelamalu said... Hands up, all those that want a policeman for Christmas!

peppylady said... They got the wrong one. I'm not criminal, I'm the victim.

forgetfulone said... Not that kind of HO you goofs!

The Curmudgeon said... Mrs. Claus was so embarrassed. "I told him, lay off the egg nog for a couple of days after Christmas. Rest up first. Otherwise, it goes right to your head and you do something stupid. But does he listen? NO!"

Terri said... It took a policeman, chef/ref and finally Santa had the ruling on the field stood... TOUCHDOWN!!

74WIXYgrad said... Santa is finally give the fans of Cleveland what they want: A football team!

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Forgetfulone said...

Oh my gosh! Teri's response cracks me up!