Thursday, January 29, 2009


What little girl has never had a Barbie? I used to. I had Ken and Skipper, too. Don't ask what Barbie and Ken did in my closet, though. I'm not tellin'.

Back in my day we girls got them at an older age than what little girls do these days. Back in my day you bought one Barbie, then bought the outfits separately. These days you just buy a new Barbie who is dressed differently. Mattel has a good thing going there, don't you think?

My four year old granddaughter loves Barbie. I bought her this Tanner doll last Christmas. Apparently she's a friend of Barbie. Or sister. Or cousin.

When I picked this up last December, I didn't really look closely at it. Tanner comes with a pet dog. Cool. Granddaughter also likes dogs. Good enough. Into the basket she goes.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. Me and hubby are at one of my kids' houses for the annual opening of the gifts. (And eating. We can't forget the eating.) Granddaughter opens the Barbie Tanner, and likes. Whew. Granddaughter brings Barbie Tanner to grandpa to open.

As hubby is opening the Barbie Tanner he notices something. Something small.. and brown. He shows it to me. I start laughing.

What I had thought was dog food, from a quick glance when I bought this, turned out to be dog poop.

You've come a long way Barbie Tanner.


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Misty DawnS said...

bwahahahahahahahaha - Where Tanner's clothes covered in dog hair too? That would be realistic ;-)

Rebecca said...

Oh boy that was funny! Well, okay the poop is just plain weird and something that must be new. The commics were hilarious - and your leave a comment comment has been proven true hahahahahahahahahaha

Jan said...

hahhahaah love it! Not sure what they will come up with next. Not sure I wanna know. :) Love your comment on the comments too. LOL Too funny!

Anonymous said...

In contrast to Mattel's inability to be realistic in regards to Barbie's (& her friends') figures, they have strange ways in being realistic. I'm not sure if anyone else remembers this.
Those are cute funnies! :)

Christie O. said...

i miss the old barbie days. i hadn't thought about it that way, with the clothes and the barbies, but you're so right! i recently found all my barbies and spent the whole day with my mom combing their hair and dressing them up. yes. i'm lame. but it was so fun! anyway, dog poop!?

and i laughed out loud on the power strip. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Now, I had a lot of Barbies in my day, but never one that came complete with dog crap!