Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christmas Past

This past Christmas was a trying time for me. That holiday is stressful for many people due to the hustling and bustling (and my bustle is bigger than most) and all the crowds at the mall. But I was off my meds and I ended up calling my doctor at home on the 24th to beg for something. Anything. He complied.

I made it through fairly well. Unfortunately my husband had to take on the burden of "me being me" when I did not do well. He's wonderful in that role, I want to add! (A DIL recently echoed this to me.)

I won't go into all the gory details (I seem to say that a lot in my posts) but I'll just say at one point all his gifts to me went into the trash. I'll add that Fashion Bug DOES accept gift cards that have been cut in half. Although I was the first person in that store to do it.

By the time I went to Fashion Bug things were a little bit more under control for me and hubby drove me there and smiled as I showed the cut up cards to the salesperson.

Just another one of those um.. quirky times for us to look back at and giggle over. OK. He may not giggle so much, but he still loves me.


Now that I have a month or so of my meds under my belt, I wonder if I should tell him I wouldn't mind a widescreen monitor? I found a nice one online that is even on sale! In fact this place has so many items it would be hard to choose just one thing!


Misty DawnS said...

Well, if he agrees, and you throw it in the trash... I volunteer to take out your trash for you :-D

Anonymous said...

I know what it's like. I'm finally going in to get my meds adjusted, or something. Poor Hubby & I have been @ it non-stop (not the fun way, either) & it's gotten so bad I've been dreaming about it. Last night I dreamt that I just collapsed & cried out "I can't take this anymore!" Maybe I oughta do it in real life to make him get his part in it...