Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Is It?

I think by now that the three or four of you who visit my blog know that I have a new puppy. I can hazard a guess that some of you may even have puppies or dogs of your own.

So, let me ask this..

Why is it that with a gazillion puppy toys laying scattered around my home, that Hannah (the puppy) continually brings me gifts of decorative baskets from under one of the living room end tables, shoes, slippers, tissues, accessories from under our aquarium, rubber bands that I didn't even know we had, small rocks she must have smuggled inside in her mouth from when we take her outside, dirty clothes from the laundry basket in our closet?

Bless her little puppy heart. We know she'll outgrow this eventually. And we know it's all a part of being a puppy parent. But why is it? (Laughing.)

Hannah playing with a puppy toy.


Misty DawnS said...

Oh... you wanna compare???
Three pair of dress shoes
a pair of brand new hiking boots
a pair of rubber gum boots
a pair of cowboy boots
several pieces of laundry
one pair of sweat pants
an entire container of ink pens
a 2x2 piece of wood
a lamp cord
an air conditioner cord
a table saw cord
a pillowcase
several bowls and containers
Oh my... I know there's more
Oh yeah - the END TABLE.

At least Hannah Banana just brings the stuff to you... the list up there is everything Miss Maggie-May-Scissorteeth has EATEN (and there's more I've forgotten).

Maggie will be TWO this month - WHEN will she grow outta this??? I can't wait!

Barb said...

She doesn't actually BRING them to me. She brings them near wherever I am to chew on them and then I catch her. :)

Erika Jean said...

I'm going to come steal that dog. Not really. But it is SOOOO CUTE!!!

Barb said...

Erika: Back when she was howling all night before she got used to having to sleep in there, I may have considered shipping her to you. :P

Carolina said...

Chewed by Biggles: various shoes, half of a complete encyclopedia (luckily the half that we had already read :-0), the cushions of a leather couch, my fathers pill-box (he first stole it from my father's pocket, then chewed it and we couldn't figure out if he had swallowed some pills for my father's heartcondition!), two (yes 2) mobile phones and I've chosen not to remember the rest he chewed/ate.
Still, he is the cutest, loveliest and funniest dog in the whole world and he will probably never suffer from a heartcondition ;-)

And I still don't know WHY?

Barb said...

Carolina: I'm beginning to see that so far we've been lucky!

Anonymous said...

Well, Poor Hubby had the joy of retrieving a...feminine hygiene product from Annie that she'd gotten from the restroom wastebasket. It's his fault for not closing the door like I suggested! We have squeakie toys, fluffy toys, tough toys, balls, many toys but Annie wants to chew an applicator. I'd love the answer myself!!!

Barb said...

Autumn, I mean Bundle: If I still had those things around here, I'm sure she'd find it. Sheesh!

Lucy said...

i don't know why either Skitts. but she is so so so cute! xo

Gail said...

I hate to tell you, but she probably won't grow out of it. I have a 4 year old dog, and he still brings me laundry, tissues from the waste basket, and many other things. She is a beautiful puppy, I am sure she brings you more than just items, but joy as she touches your heart. Even though you have to pick up after her, he he he. Pets are very good therapists, even though they don't know it.

Barb said...

Lucy: Thanks! We think so, too. :)

Gail: The joy she already brings is worth more than anything else she brings us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, well, at least she hasn't eaten the cable tv remote yet!