Friday, April 10, 2009


Acceptance is an important thing for most people. Knowing others accept you as you are. Good & bad. Normal & weird. Happy & not so happy. Kind of like blogging friends. (Smile)

Don't you find though that it's so much easier to being accepting of others than yourself? For me this is very true. I'm so hard on myself. All the time.

Finding a way to be easier on oneself can come from strange places sometimes. I found that out this morning from an important man in my life.

Kermit The Frog. Yes. A frog. Remember at the beginning of this post I said "normal and weird?" This qualifies I think. You see, I've had a secret crush on Kermit for a long time. He's a good man frog. He has good values. (Quit laughing.)

I was at YouTube just now, not looking for videos about box cutters, because I didn't need to, but just playing songs as they popped into my head. I found this Kermit song.

It's always been a sad song for me. But as I was listening to it this morning, it hit me that it's really about just accepting who you are. How I am. Even if I am, in my own way.. Green.

You may wonder why (why wonder, why wonder) this song popped into my head at all. I thought about it after playing Rubber Duckie. Honest to God.

I need more coffee.


Misty DawnS said...

I ♥ Kermie.

Accept myself? yeah right. I don't have time... too many ants to worry about. It's all my fault, ya know ;-)

Pssst - who ya callin' weird?

Jeni said...

Personally, I think Kermie is a pretty darned nice -and very smart -little frog. His little song about being green is one lots and lots of children may learn and love, probably a whole lot of adults know it now too from hearing it while their children watched Sesame Street, but how many adults really put those words into use in their own daily lives? Just think about how much better all our lives would be if everyone just used that simple little song in their daily lives! Thanks for posting that Barb -and for the reminder of self-acceptance.

Lucy said...

expressed so beautifully!
we ALL need to accept ourselves and love ourselves.. "not so easy"
LOVE kermit and this song ALWAYs makes me teary!

Autumn said...

((hugs)) Can I have some coffee, too? :)