Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now

Last month I got my first laptop computer. My desktop one is fine, but me and hubby have long discussed having a laptop for when we travel.

Of course we want to use it at home as well so it doesn't sit around wishing we would just GO already. Yeah, I sometimes attribute human thoughts to inanimate objects. Yeah, I'm taking my meds.

Even though we live about 30-40 minutes from Detroit, we get no wireless signal at home. We thought it would be cheaper to get mobile broadband service than to go stay at a motel with free WiFi every night.

We had Sprint for a free month's trial, but it dropped out a few times and it doesn't have the same national coverage as Verizon does. We switched.

The basic mobile broadband service (at both Sprint and Verizon) allows you to use 5G a month. That's 1000 MB x 5. Seems like a lot, doesn't it?

As it turns out, it isn't.

My current billing cycle ends May 23rd. I've already used half a GB. Hmm. If I don't use my desktop more and let the laptop languish around, I'll go over the limit. Then I'll have to pay 25 cents per MB.

For that money I may as well phone a psychic. Or a sex hotline. I'd probably pick the psychic who would maybe guess I've been attributing human thoughts to inanimate objects.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I wanna a laptop! Sniff sniff...ya think me whinning will get hubby to buy one for me? ;o)

Misty DawnS said...

Get a wireless router! Hang on... I'll send you an e-mail about it!


Don't most hotels offer free wi-fi?

I have the Verizon 5G and it's great. I have never gone over BUT I only use it when traveling or out of the house. I still use my cable internet and wireless router at home.

Going to London England on Saturday and I am bumming that the verizon won't work while on the plane but the hotel does offer free wifi.

Lucy said...

i really would love a lap top but you some how lost me with mbs and 5g's what the F$#?? I thought you just turn those on??

Forgetfulone said...

Wow! That's good to know. I am on a wireless connection, but if I move, I'm considering getting the kind you have, so this is valuable info for me.