Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Last Second Chance

A few days ago I posted about telemarketers calling me all the time. The one I mentioned was a recorded message telling me this was the Last Second Chance to renew my car's warranty.

I said that I had pushed 9 to speak to a representative, then told him to stop f'ing calling me. Then I wondered how soon they would call me back.

Guess what? Yippeee.. they just called.

THIS time I loudly said to stop f'ing calling me or I was gonna sue their ass. *Cough* I bet they all had a good laugh and called the next person on the list.

I bet they made a note to start calling me twice a day.

Because I'm just so fun to talk to.

*** UPDATE ***

read about my trouble with telemarketers and made a post just for little old ME! It has a couple videos that are very funny. You can hop over there and see them, but since most people don't follow links (unless it's for adult school girl costumes) I'll put the funniest one here.

Of course I wouldn't be able to pull something like this off. I sure would like to, though. But I DO have an idea..

Ya know how I always say I don't have anyone to talk to? How I scare strangers and people I meet in stores by not letting them go because I keep talking??? Welllll.. what if I did this to a telemarketer? I could tell them about my blog, my medical and mental health issues, my grandkids, my amazing guinea pig.. and so much more!

I could fax over pictures from our vacations. Ohh.. I wonder if they have a web cam??? *Wink* Maybe I could invite them over for coffee and Canasta.

Hmmm.. maybe I'll just ask them to hold on for a second, put the phone down and walk away until they hang up? Maybe I could make poopy noises like I went off to the bathroom. Orrr.. I could make those Meg Ryan noises. You KNOW what I mean. Oh yes you do! No wait. That would make them call back. With a web cam.



Robyn Jones said...

I posted something for you on my blog I thought might amuse you...LOL!

Barb said...


Anonymous said...

A wonderful idea!! They are graded on how long their calls take. You could create a revolution :)

I loved your "long" comment! Your sense of humor cracks me up. Take care.

PS does this come up on your dashboard as lovesmukiwa? Wubby never logs out of blogger, so I'm curious what happens when I try and use open identity. Thanks.

Carolina said...

Oh now I'm howling with laughter. Can't wait untill the next effing telemarketeer calls hehehehe

I'm definitely going over to Robyn's place.

Oh, and have you seen this:


You might like that one too ;-)

Hugs my friend

Erika Jean said...

Lol I've heard this a bunch of times, it NEVER gets old. amazing work!

Christine and FAZ said...

Loved the hoax call, poor guy I can hear the fear in his voice.

Mom Knows Everything said...


Grace said...

I should KNOW better than to come to your blog with soda in my mouth.... spewed all over the keyboard and monitor... how freakin' funny!

Jeni said...

My older daughter used to love to play with telemarketers heads. Wish she'd have thought to record the calls though as some of the stuff she fed some of them were really funny. This one was hysterical though.

Misty DawnS said...

You are freaking hilarious!

I hate to break this to ya, but they have already met the Pig... she's the one who tells them to keep calling you. (Don't tell her I told ya)

Lucy said...

DEFINITLY keep talking to them skits and see what kind of an excuse THEY come up with to get you off the phone! hahaha
MY favorite response to them was Jerry seinfelds.. when he says.. well I can't talk right now.. give me YOuR home number and I will call u back tonight.. The telemark. must reply "i can't have u call me at home" to which Jer says.. NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL!!

Autumn said...

When I got those calls (before my nifty blocker that you commented on) I'd press & hold 2 numbers on the phone. 7 & 9 are the best. It makes an awful high-pitched beep that'll force 'em to hang up!
Coincidentally, did you know you can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the phone pad?