Monday, May 11, 2009

My Dream

I had a dream Saturday night and although it doesn't sound like much it was pretty scary to me. You ever have a dream that sticks with you for a while after you wake up? This one did.. but not all day. Maybe an hour.

Here's what it was..

I was walking in a field with Mike and my mom. It was more like someone's property because we were in a large area with trees off to the side. Kind of like a place you might see and deer stand for hunters.

Five or six guys started following us and they looked like bad guys.. menacing hooligans. (Is that word still used?) One of them hollered that I was fat. Mike turned around and went back to challenge them and I was calling him saying it wasn't important, let's just GO.

We made it home (it was a two story house.) I somehow knew they had followed us home and all night I could feel them lurking outside, just waiting for a chance.

Morning came and I looked out the window and saw stuff scattered all over the front yard. I went out and saw that it was broken up pieces of furniture. Old furniture, too. I started picking it up and putting it at the curb for garbage day. Then I thought, "Wow this is going to cost a lot" so I started sneaking pieces over to the next door neighbor's curb.

The neighbor came out and said he had a dumpster in the back and I could put it all in there. He started carrying it back and that's when I woke up.

I told you it doesn't sound scary. The feeling of fright I felt about those guys was very real to me and that's why I think the dream stayed with me for a while.

There's one more reason. You see I've been pretty good at interpreting dreams for many years and I couldn't figure this one out right away. Then it all fell into place.
  • I was in a field. Field sounds like "feeled" and that equals "felt" meaning how I feel or used to feel.
  • Guys started following us (me) and they were scary and menacing. This means my old "baggage." It certainly is scary and at times menacing.
  • Mike went back to challenge them on my behalf. That's fairly clearcut.
  • I called him back saying it wasn't that important. This means I try to tell him my baggage isn't that important.
  • I made it home safely. Home is where you are supposed to be safe, yet I was afraid things were still lurking outside. Outside. Close to the safe part of my current life yet still felt threatened by them.
  • Two story house. Two stories to every side.
  • Old and broken furniture scattered around. Old memories. No longer any good for anything.
  • Putting the old memories to the curb and having it cost too much. Cost too much for what or who? For me, of course. I wonder what it will cost to rid myself of them.
  • Someone said I could give it to him and he would take care of it. I could give it Mike? A therapist? God? Maybe all three.
See? It all makes perfect sense. Maybe it ties into how I recently felt like Mike ignores me. It doesn't mean I won't stop feeling that way though. It just means I figured out the dream.


Misty DawnS said...

Wow! You are GOOD! Remind me to call you next time I have a dream!

Lucy said...

wow you are amazing at interpreting dreams!
everything you figured out sounds right to me! So sorry he is ignoring u .. Please talk to him about that again!
I could really use your dream skills to help me with my bizarre Reoccurring neglected baby dreams...
search neglecting baby or baby dreams on my blog and please tell me what your interpretation would be!

Erika Jean said...

Weird dream!!!! and WEIRD that you mentioned it becuase i had a dream the other day I couldn't stop thinking about.

I had a dream that I had a BABY. not that I was having a baby. But I had a baby, and I gave him a name and everything (Evan becuase it was a boy and it started with E like my name lol). It really freakedddd me out. I don't think I even want to look into the meaning of that one. lol.

Bsides. I'm NOT going to have boys.

Whenever that day comes.

Not soon I hope! lol