Friday, May 01, 2009

Night Moves

There's an old Bob Seger song called Night Moves and a line from the song is "points of her own sitting way up high." I've been reminded again that isn't a problem for me. Here's why..

Some of the clothes I ordered from a catalog arrived two days ago. I ran them through a wash so they didn't look new. You know how new clothes always have those "I look new and have been folded a long time this way" look.

Yesterday was the first time I was able to wear one of the new tops. One that is a tank top with a bra built into it. By the way, when clothing says it has a bra built into it they don't mean a real bra. They mean an extra piece of cloth was some loose elastic at the bottom.

Yesterday was chilly-ish. overcast, windy and drizzly. But hey, when you have new clothes, you want to wear them. I tossed a windbreaker on to go out and walk the puppy.

Since it was windy and drizzly, when I came in and took off my windbreaker, I headed to the bathroom to brush my hair. I looked at my boobs. (I seem to do that a lot in the bathroom, don't I?)

I had one nipple pointing down and the other was pointing off to the side. EEK!

I reached under my top and tried to fix them. The first attempt I had them looking like they were cross-eyed. The next try I got them to look like lizard eyes.. pointing the same way, but too far off to the sides. I was able to eventually get them where they were supposed to be and walked out of the bathroom.

I found that walking dislodged them from their correct positioning. Certainly not in a "Frontline"way.

It's a nice, comfortable top so I will be wearing it again. Just not on chilly days.

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