Saturday, June 06, 2009

Do Over

Remember being a kid when you could take guilt-free time outs? And how about those do-overs??? How any times since becoming an adult would you like to have had a do-over????

I wish I had one right now.

We ordered pizza for dinner like we've done almost every Friday night for eight years. I was wondering how smart that was with my already falling off the Eat Right wagon. Not wondering hard enough apparently because we ordered two of them. Thin crust, but so f'ing what. Yes, I'm mad at myself. I'm mad because we ate the first one for dinner. Then around midnight we brought out the second one and ate that. Two pizzas folks. TWO.

And I got sick. Fast. I thought I was going to pass out and hubby brought me my insulin pin so I could give myself a shot. Then I went in the bathroom and did something I never thought I'd do. I purged. There's a new low for me boys and girls.

Even if I had the best diet pills in the world I'd still need a LOT more common sense than I had tonight. If I want to stay alive, I mean.


Grace said...

Time outs and do-overs always allowed... well, in your head. You get the opportunity of Fresh Start... You realized pizza probably wasn't the best choice. Your body rebelled and you purged. Yes, you realize purging wasn't the right choice either.

Do you see how you have grown? You REALIZED you shouldn't get pizza. You REALIZED you shouldn't have purged. Knowledge is 1/2 the battle. Good for you my friend.

Now for me... I had to not be near pizza for almost a year before I had enough willpower to be at the same table with one. Lucky for me our family came up with a solution... I would get Greek Salad and rest of them would get pizza... at the restaurant... so there wouldn't be any left-overs in the frig for those midnight munchies...

Lana said...

Boy could I relate to the do overs.
Now I would have been sick at 3 pieces of pizza!!!!!!

I'll bet you won't do that again!!
Look at it as a learning thing :-) and you do get to do it over, if ya want.....but you won't :-)

Carolina said...

Oh gosh, losing weight only works if your mind is in the right place. At least that is my experience. If you feel good and strong, it is far easier to eat the right stuff in the right amounts. Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!