Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jiggle When I Walk

You won't catch me around water this summer, except maybe sitting outside watching the puppy playing in her doggy pool. Unless it's really hot, then my wimpy self will be inside with the air conditioning.

Part of the reason is my size. I don't look good in shorts. The fat rolls on my legs jiggle when I walk. And I'm not even going to think about getting into a swimsuit. Don't you think about it either. HEY! You thought about it. Cheaters.

I know how to swim. That's not a problem. I will (used to) swim in swimming pools. Not in lakes. Not after I watched so many scary movies where dead people come up and grab your ankles. Maybe they were alive pretending to be dead. I don't know.

One of very worse fears in the world is deep water. You won't catch me out saleing.. I mean sailing for that reason. (Clever, huh? I thought so.)

You'd think a born and raised Florida girl wouldn't be like this. I wouldn't mind sitting on the shore though. Unless it was too hot. Then I'd be in the air conditioning.


Grace said...

I have a friend born/raised in Miami... won't wear anything but jeans. And she isn't heavy. Don't get it. I will wear shorts whether I have jiggly legs or not... my comfort is more important than my looks.

Misty DawnS said...

Two of my fears - Sharks and gators... Hence, you will NOT see me frolicking in the ocean!!!