Monday, September 21, 2009

Our House

Our house is a very, very,very fine house.. with two cats in the yard.. (C'mon! Sing with meeeee.) There isn't a song about having two bathrooms in a house is there? That's too bad because we now have two. What a luxury. No more potty dancing outside the bathroom door saying "please hurrrrrrrrrry."

Today is the first day I am alone in our new home. In fact it's the first day I'll be alone period in over three weeks after having my daughter here for so long. I'm a little (lot) nervous. I don't know what I'm going to do all day. No routine has been established here yet. Maybe I could take a minute to see what a Kettlebell is.

I can't believe how much time I used to spend at my computer every day. Now that I'm not at it so much I have all this free time. The problem is that I don't have anything new to fill the time. Sure there's a few projects I could do around here that might take up an hour or two. Maybe. The hall still needs to be painted but Mr. Skittles has to spackle it first.

True confession time. I'm smoking again. That's one of the reasons I'm on the porch so much. No smelly lit cigarette will ever enter our new home. Yeah, I want to try quitting again. Of course I do. So does Mr. Skittles. I just have to psyche myself into it again. I'll know when I'm ready and when I am I will quit again. (And again and again if necessary.) I'm not being hard on myself for starting back up though. Like I read on a baby bib.. Spit Happens.

I keep thinking I'll chronicle my panic and anxiety problems stemming from moving but I never know how to start or how to explain it if I did start. I am beginning to think a med change is in my future. We'll see at my next appointment. If only I could find my appointment card..


masgblog said...

I know what Kettlebell is...HARD!

Anonymous said...

Moving is stressful-hell, I don't even smoke but I seriously considered picking up the habit during my most recent move. Once you are settled, you'll be able to focus again on quitting.

Technodoll said...

LOL - I bought a kettlebell and never used it :-o it however makes a great door stopper.

Two bathrooms is a minimum - for 10 years we lived with a tiny one and it was awful.

Now we have six in our house - woo!

Calico Crazy said...

Yeah for 2 bathrooms! I like the baby bib quote, I'm gonna remember it the next time something goes crazy. Hang in there.

Calico Contemplations

Carolina said...

A house with a porch and two bathrooms, dreams will come true! Two bathrooms eh, one to poo and one to pee. Or two to poo and two to pee. I feel a song coming on ;-)
Good luck on quitting smoking some day. Perhaps you should demolish the porch. Not so much fun smoking in the cold and rain (I don't know where you live, perhaps it's always warm and sunny?)

Sara said...

The pic on this posting is adorable!! :)

2cats said...

I have always believed that there should be one bathroom for every person who lives in the house. I hate waiting.
I too struggle with cigarette smoking. It is the hardest thing I have ever tried to stop. I am in the process of trying to quit again. I am using Chantix this time. It seems to be helping.
Good Luck.