Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pretty Much Done

It's funny. Before I moved I pictured how things will fit and look.

On moving day I saw right away the living room arrangement I'd pictured was not going to work. My daughter (who went home yesterday) came up with a new way and I think it's better than the one I'd planned.

We were crossing our fingers and toes that the bedroom furniture would fit and it did. Whew! What really surprised me was how very nice the bedroom looks. Same furniture, different setting. It almost looks like New Orleans hotels in there. Without the jambalaya and jazz music. I do have three strands of beads hanging on the side of my dresser's mirror though.

The kitchen drawers still need organizing. The cabinets in the two bathrooms could use some work, too. Stuff was just kinda thrown in there so we could empty boxes. All in all I think it's pretty much done.

Mr. Skittles needs to remember the sloped ceilings get low enough for him to get his hand whacked by the ceiling fan blades if he stretches. Poor guy. He's walking around right now with an ice pack on the back of his hand. How long should I wait until I ask him to start hanging pictures? That long huh?

Hard to believe moving day was one week ago today. Time flies.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh I hear ya about the fan. our house is old and the ceilings are only 6 1/2 feet and we have gotten whacked a few times.

Erika Jean said...

yey! Glad you are all moved in! I wanna see pics when you're all settled in ;-)

Grace said...

I see what Erika Jean wrote... and shoot.. I wanna see pictures NOW... and then again, when you are all moved in... complete with the bathroom cabinets done "the right way". Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the unpacking is going well, hopefully you are able to adjust a bit better now that things are more in place.