Friday, October 02, 2009

Don't Get Me Wrong

One thing that makes me go hmmm is the short amount of time we have to try something before we buy it. With cars you get about a ten minute drive. Is that really enough before deciding if you want to lay out sooo much money? It's not like buying a pair of shoes. If they don't fit you just put them back in the box and return them.

The same goes for buying a home. You can't just come back again and again looking at things, checking things out. You get a walk through and are expected after to say yes or no.. or that you'll think about it. At least that's how it was with us.

Don't get me wrong. I knew our new place was a 1997 mobile home when we bought it. I knew there were cosmetic things that needed work. It would have been nice to have been here on a rainy day though so we could see the leak on the front porch. There's a smaller one around a bathroom skylight. It's not like we wanted a walk in bath. Ok, it's no way near that bad.

I write about this because it's a rainy day here for us. (And I needed to work in a link.) Mr. Skittles is still working 4 10-hour days a week with three day weekends. There's a small Honey-Do list waiting for him. Hang a few more pictures, etc. I know he's wanted to get on the roof and check things out, but I don't think it'll be today.


WithThanksgiving said...

Same thing happened to us. Except we have to replace the whole roof. We had a home inspection which turned out to not be as reliable as we thought. New roof starts next week.

Sara said...

Yup, we knew when we purchased our home that the roof was old with 4 layers of shingles, but had no idea that the ice pack on it would cause it to leak. We filled a lot of buckets until we could afford to get it fixed.

Calico Crazy said...

Sorry about your leaks. We had a small one in the garage of our new house that was easily fixed. Our big problem was a bad landscape job cause all the rain from the huge downpours we had to drain towards the house at one point even with a wet dry vac we had water in 6 feet from the back wall of the house. New drainage and gutters fixed this (no one has gutters here), but it sure was a rude shock when it happened.

Calico Contemplations

Anonymous said...

Thankfully we don't have leaks in here-but there are numerous little things that I wish I had noticed before renting this place...especially as our landlord is completely worthless. The good thing for you is that you and your hubby can fix the issues yourself-not have to depend on a landlord to take his own sweet time.