Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Wish I Could

We weren't out lounging around on our patio furniture cushions tonight. It's been a bit too chilly. Plus.. I can't seem to get out of the door to be on the porch much lately. My shakiness is completely gone, but the depression is here. I'm off two meds that were treating depression so I suppose that was bound to happen. The manic part of my bipolar is here too so that makes things all the more interesting.

That's not what I'm here to talk about though.

We watched a movie tonight called P.S. I Love You. It's a tearjerker not in the traditional sense. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. It will surely make you see things (relationships) in a way you should have been seeing them all along. Or maybe you once did, but lost sight of. I can't say more without giving it away... but I wish I could.

What's the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?


Carolina said...

I can't for the life of me remember which movie I watched last. The last movie I watched that made a lasting impression, so I can still remember I watched it, was 'Shaun of The Dead'. It's a hilariously funny and insane British movie about zombies taking over the world. I'd recommend it to anyone but hubs, who didn't find it hilariously funny at all.


Jenn said...

"Bride Wars" and I rented it from NEtflix because I thought it looked cute and funny but it was really just a mockery of women and their wedding idiosyncrasies. I think it was very degrading to young brides. But on the other hand I think it brought into focus how self centered young brides are.

"Bedtime stories" This was (in an Adam Sandler flaky way)A genuine feel good family movie. The kids loved it and even b/f laid off paying attention to computer and watched it with us.

Grace said...

Airplane... with Leslie Nelson and gang... the spoof on those Airport and Jaws movies. I'm starting to introduce my daughters to my humor and some older movies.

I would recommend... I love subtle humor.

I saw PS I Love You, but I hate to admit, I don't remember much about it except knowing that DH just wasn't gonna watch it with me.