Saturday, November 07, 2009

Odds And Ends

I'm still really disturbed with the news of my grandson being the victim of shaken baby syndrome. That boy is just so damn sweet and has had an aura of goodness about him since the day he was born.

Of course there's the big question.. Who did it?!?! I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run. What's done is done, right? But still..


I'm coming out from under my rock and have been visiting some blogs again. I'm starting to want communication with people again. Blogging is working its way back into my system. Mr. Skittles is at the end of the first week of his three week layoff, but I can only subject him to so much before he gets twitchy. (If you're lurking, please say hi.)


I'm still on the fence about my new med. It's not causing any harm so far as I can tell. That's a good thing. I'm not sure yet if it's doing any good. I'm still terribly unorganized, bored and restless.


We might have come up with a way to keep our dog. If we can find and buy stairs for our other door we could put a tie-out there. I could let her in and out when Mr. Skittles is at work without stressing myself over going outside. I think Misty put this idea in my head. Stairs are around $300, though.


Have you ever found yourself caught in the middle of something that you did not want to be in the middle of? Me, too.


I'm trying to figure out how and when I can get Heads Or Tails back up and running again. If it wasn't for the damn coding on the Themes page it wouldn't be so bad. Participation had dropped wayyyyyy down so maybe that's one small reason I'm not in too much of a rush to push myself. The coding is the main reason. It's a pain.


Erika Jean said...

do you have a tree in your yard? We used to have a line from the house to the tree and then another line hung down from it and our dog could run back and forth ;)

ShannonW said...

Are you able to put up a small fence? Or put in a dog run?

Sorry to hear about your grandson. That is sad :(

I was lurking :) HIIIIIII!

Calico Crazy said...

I hope your new med eventually does some good. I hope you find some stairs or another affordable solution so you can keep Hannah.

I would code for you if you want help with that. Coding doesn't phase me, just let me know.

Calico Contemplations

Berni said...

What a terrible thing to have happened to your grandson. Enough to upset you for sure.

Hope you work out the dog thing. I never enjoyed taking our dog for a walk either although not for the same reasons, but she did go out with my husband quite a bit. She had a pen to run in and eventually we had to tie her as she kept escaping so we decided to find another home for her.

Grace said...

Sorry your GS was a victim of SBS. I can see why you wanna know, but again it doesn't really matter now does it? He is wonderful and good... and it's sad what happened, but can't be changed. Just keep loving on him...

bcmomtoo said...

I hope your sweet grandson will be all right?

I'd be happy to help you with the coding, if that will help.