Sunday, December 06, 2009

Time To Vote

<--- This was the picture for which I wanted captions. Here are the ones that were submitted:

Misty Dawn said... On my way to get snow chains on my tires - the reindeer and elves went on strike.

angel6033 said... Lack of income to buy toys and the overflow of children lead Santa to deliver children instead of toys!!

Grace said... Sally asked for a baby brother and sister... this was the best I could do. Too heavy for the stork to deliver.

Lucy said... In this damn economy I had to lay off the reindeer and couldn't rent that luxurious sleigh. But Thanks to these elves for volunteering to help me.. I may just make it to your house before the new year.

magill50 said... okay, okay, so I borrowed my wife's coat and bike...

Now It's Time To Vote!

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Positive Pieces Prevail said...

I am ok..just laying low with a cold