Friday, December 18, 2009

Time To Vote

<--- This was the picture for which I wanted captions. Here are the ones submitted..

magill50 said... 'yeah, so, the wife and I are going to head to Switzerland for the holidays, so we can enjoy some warmer weather'.

Mike said... Luigi thought it was a bit cold after he landed for what was supposed to be a trip to Rio De Janeiro.

Anna said... Yeah, the reflection off the snow really helps me get that all-over golden tan, in half the time.

Technodoll said... Once again, Bob gets his seasons wrong thanks to a rare condition called Thongacitis.

Grace said... And WHAT is wrong with my Speedos? Huh?

Lucy said... Excuse Me Sir.. Can you direct me to the nearest Gap?

Misty Dawn said... I've got balls of steel... which really is NOT a benefit in weather like this!

Now It's Time To Vote!

(The voting closes Dec. 20 at midnight.)


Christine and FAZ said...

We voted. Seasons greetings.

Maria Berg said...

I did see Santa but I just looked and did not use the camera - it was in the middle of the forrest.

And yes we love to show our children/grandchildren the make us so proud.

Merry Christmas and a lot of fun for you 2010,
Maria Berg Sweden