Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Not Me

Sometimes when I'm as down as I have been it's easy to wonder 'why me'. Then I have to stop and think 'why NOT me'. There are so many people with problems worse than those of mine.

When I had my first mental breakdown and hospitalization in the early 90's I found religion. Oh sure it had been around me most of my life but I had never actually felt it. Never felt a real presence. It was in the hospital that I began picturing myself being a lump of clay in God's hands.

Just like a child will take some Playdoh and fashion something from it.. usually a snake.. (or was that just me?) I was able to picture myself in God's hands being smooshed and squished and reworked. I was able to take comfort from that image. Sure it was icky feeling. Being smooshed around like that. But I was in His hands, you see.

I recalled this during a phone call with a dear friend last night. I told her how I knew back then that I would come out of His squishing and smooshing and be better for it.

I will this time, too. I am in good hands.


Forgetfulone said...

Although we don't always feel like it, we ARE in good hands if we're with God. Happy squishing for 2010!

angel6033 said...

Reading this just made me simle because you are so right, I have left my problems on God's shoulders since I started with wll this anxiety and troubles, I hope this can be the year I move on from this and I hope that this year can also be the one that goes easier on you :) I sure do hope you feel better soon...

Jeni said...

Good way to look at it all! I think we all get into the "why me" syndrome from time to time; some of us more so than others. But for myself, I've found the more I try to look for the positive twists to any situation, the more likely it is that I will come away from a nasty funk faster than I would otherwise so there must be something to that principle then after all, huh?
Thanks again for the call at the end of the big game! As you know, I was totally euphoric at that point in time!