Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seems Like

Mr. Skittles will have the last week of this month and the first week of next month off.

You may think this will make us need some good budgeting tips, huh? Yes and no. We'll be ok because of unemployment but there's always that awkward wait for it to be sent. And it always seems like it's that time with no pay that we need money more. Seems like.

My desktop computer was giving me fits yesterday. It kept freezing up. Last time.. a couple months ago.. it just lost its wireless connection. That finally came back on its own. (I think a certain guinea pig fixed it during the night, but I'm not sure.)

I hope it lasts at least until income tax return time. A new PC is not in the budget at all. But I bet we'd get one anyway if this one completely died. After a proper amount of mourning. Say ohhh.. a couple days or so.


Misty DawnS said...


WithThanksgiving said...

Do you use your laptop?

Barb said...

Margaret - Not nearly as much as my desktop. My desktop is where my "safe" chair is and there's not much room on my desk for anything else. It's good for back up, though, like when I lost my wireless connection for about a week.

Nikki Neurotic said...

I was looking at the new Netbooks the other day at Best Buy, I'd consider getting one of them if this computer ever decided to die. Though, I'd have to do a bit more research first to make sure they did everything that I'd need.