Wednesday, February 03, 2010

You Know It Does

I've fallen off the healthy eating wagon the last few days and need to get back on it. Surprisingly enough my weight hasn't increased. It hasn't decreased either but that's to be expected.

I'm not necessarily eating BAD food... I'm just eating too much of it. OK.. that's a lie. There's been a couple fast food meals thrown in. BK one night and Chinese night before last. I could very easily indulge in a fish and shrimp dinner from Long John Silver given the chance. Doesn't that sound yummy? You know it does.

I think part of this is my state of mind. I'm having issues again. Don't I always? I think the only thing I don't think or worry about lately are water softeners. Racing thoughts. Flying by so fast it's hard to pick one out. I should try to catch them as they go by and write them down on a list. Maybe there aren't as many as I think there are.

I think perhaps it's what I call aftershocks. Sometimes when I have to steal myself into being tough and brave to do something.. oh let's say something like go to an appointment with Mr. Skittles.. I have a couple days of feeling out of sorts. Out of sorts. That's a good way to say it. A minimalist way of saying it.


In other news I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. A second one. Another fun fun time of having a shot in the roof of my mouth. How many of you just cringed?


Misty DawnS said...

I DEFINITELY cringed... I hate, hate, hate the dentist!

Grace said...

I really thought I had commented here... wonder where it went?

Good for you... going with Mr. Skittles. Smart of you to realize the aftershocks...

Praying your dental appointment was good.

Lucy said...

i cringed! eeehhhkkk!
Sorry u fell off the wagon.. hope it wasn't the monkey bread!