Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Happened

I had been feeling poorly Thursday, then Friday hit and I was having chest pains. I thought it might be panic because panic makes you feel like your chest hurts and/or you're having a heart attack. I took an aspirin. I took some Pepto in case it was indigestion. Neither helped.

Then I started having pain going down my arm and thought big time UH OH! I told Mr. Skittles we had to leave for the hospital NOW. And we did.

I had an EKG (standard procedure) and an x-ray (also standard procedure). They saw something but weren't sure what so they transported me to a bigger hospital by ambulance for further testing.

At the new hospital I had the stress test. Again they thought they saw something and had me have the ultrasound of my heart. It was after this that they decided to admit me. I was sent to a room in ICU.

Monday morning was the heart cath. Nothing was found there, so I waited most of the day for my discharge papers to be sent up and after they were Mr. Skittles brought me home. I have a new prescription for angina.

Anyone who's ever been in the hospital knows that they never let you sleep, so I have a lot to catch up on. I'm a little bit sore, too.

And that's what happened. I realized the last post was kind of short and vague.


i beati said...

must make you feel good to know you are well and hearty and back on your way . I lost my friend Monday .. Continued blessings..sandy

bcmomtoo said...


Glad you're home, and I hope it doesn't take too long for you to get all rested up.

Jeni said...

Well, it's quite a relief that they didn't find any issues of major consequence, that's for sure. I know exactly what you mean though about the needing to rest -and recover -from the hospital stay too! Get some sleep and while you're at it, get a couple winks for me too. Okay?

Erika Jean said...

Rest up!!

Annabel said...

im glad it wasnt a heart attack, and that you're home safe! hope you're feeling better soon xx

Misty DawnS said...


Berni said...

Horrid experience. I had something similar a few years ago and I started to panic which made it worse but it turned out to be an extreme case of heartburn which simulates a female heart attack. I know how scared one can feel. Glad you are home again

Forgetfulone said...

No, they don't let you sleep! Catch up on your rest. You can play World of Warcraft later. LOL. I have had a panic attack once, and I thought I was dying! But, glad it wasn't that or a heart attack. Hope the new medicine fixes you right up.