Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Couldn't Do That

I know most people are very attached to their cell phones. Much more so than the old land line phones. I'm not really either of those. I have a friend or two I talk to every day on the phone and sometimes Mr. Skittles will call from his cell, but that's about it.

My phone rarely rings. Except for the dreaded telemarketers. I stopped answering their calls after a brief run of fun talking with them. You may remember those posts. What I don't think I've written about before is that I used to be one of them. A telemarketer.

I tried my hand once at calling elderly people trying to sell them windows. I pictured the old people sitting there maybe waiting to hear some birth announcements about new great grandchildren or something and instead they got me. And I was not supposed to take no for an answer.

I worked there a day and a half. I couldn't do that.

Another time I did phone work was when I was trying to get people to keep track of their radio listening habits. Kind of like the Nielson ratings for tv. I did that for a few months.

These days I'll make an appointment or call for pizza. Like I said near the top, I call a friend or two. On my home phone. My cell sits silently on my desk. I take if/when I go out in my car in case I have car trouble. Too bad too cuz I like my ring tone. Tiny Dancer.

What's your ring tone?


Lucy said...

love that song! mine is just set on a soft chime...
I HAVE to tell u something... last night we are watching Avatar all together... my youngest son opens a bag a candy he brought home from work and is eating... I reach in and take a few and start sharing this candy.. ALL Of a suddden I realize THESE are DELICIOUS and I've never had this taste before... chewy and fruity and so little like an m&m.. So I pause the film and yell...WHAT THE HELL AM I EATING THEY'RE SO GOOD!"... yep...SKITTLES!!! haha my kids were laughing and said MOM! You've never had a skittles before??? I said NO but now I know why my friend Skittles Loves them enough to name her blog after them! haha xoxo

Forgetfulone said...

Lucy's comment cracked me up! Skittles! My ring tone is set to the one that sounds most like a real ringing phone. I want to get a song, but I don't want to pay for it and how do you narrow it down to one song?

Nikki Neurotic said...

I like my ring tone too, it's a Silverchair song. I really started to hate it when I was working though as work and my boss CONSTANTLY called me. Got to the point I couldn't listen to that song period without getting a dreaded feeling in my stomach.

Sara B said...

Ah, but it is cheaper to only have one phone, and I prefer my cell to the land line.