Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bad Weather

Did you get storms where you were last night? There was a huge weather system that passed over us last night and had me so scared for a couple hours as the sirens kept going off and tv kept showing us our city near the middle of the storms.

I've never lived in a mobile home when sirens went off and never thought how vulnerable we would be. There is no place to go to be safe. No basement, no inner room, no closet or hallway that might offer protection. Mr. Skittles tried to reassure me and held my hand until we were in the clear.

No tornadoes actually touched down near us despite the cloud rotations radar was showing, thank God. I hear there was one in Ohio that killed five people. My heart goes out to those families and the entire community.


Rose said...

glad you are ok. we had rain and wind. the wind bothers me as we have this GIANT of a tree that's 100years old and alongside of our house. take care. rose

Grace said...

We had our bad weather tonight. Glad you are ok.
Back a couple of posts ago... the road trip... I used to (college days) take similar trips... where I just went away - hopped in the car with a change of underwear, toothbrush and some cash and my camera (this was before cell phones - looking back on this I realize this was STUPID)... and drove until I got tired. Stopped and slept and then got up again and drove some more.

Sometimes these are the best type of vacations...
I wrote about swimming pools and prisons today.... lol

Nikki Neurotic said...

I think there may have been a tornado watch here, a few of my customers seemed a bit concerned about it but we only got a bit of rain.

Carolina said...

They showed some footage of the tornados on the news here this morning. I'm glad you're okay.
Stay safe.