Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Good Idea

Two of my meds need to be taken three times a day. I seem to have trouble remembering to take the afternoon doses of two of them. Looking at the clock, I see I should be taking them right now. Be right back. Wait for me, ok?

Back. Did you miss me?

It's the afternoon doses that I think has been making me withdrawn and having trouble. One of them is Xanax and the other is a mood stabilizer. <-- MOOD stabilizer! When I miss the afternoon ones I get cranky, unstable. I suppose that's a no brainer. But then when I remember to take them I get groggy like I do when I start a new med.

A friend has suggested a set a timer. I think that's a good idea. I need to be consistent.


ShannonW said...

I set up a reminder on my computer using the Outlook calendar. My better half uses a pill organizer.

Anonymous said...

I use the gmail calendar - set up an "every day" event for each set of pills (I take oodles of vitamins and supplements - 4 times a day) and have gmail send you a text message on your cell phone.

That covers me at work or camping when I don't have my computer. I think outlook does the same thing, but I couldn't get it to work.