Thursday, July 08, 2010

Doctor Visit

I had an appointment with my primary physician yesterday that was supposed to be for well.. you ladies know. UGH. My thumb still hurts pretty bad though from when I sprained it and getting dressed is quite an ordeal so we skipped that test and she looked at my thumb instead.

Her diagnosis? Yep.. I sprained it. She said to keep trying to use it but to baby it a little, too so as not to re-injure it. She said maybe I could squeeze a tennis ball a couple times a day. I just laughed at that because of my dog Hannah. I know Hannah would be sitting there drooling and smiling at me waiting for me to throw it.

I half expected her to prescribe some top rated weight loss pills after she saw how much weight I've gained. (Mr. Skittles and one other person are the only ones I've told that number to.) She did change up one of my oral meds for my diabetes and has started me back on insulin.


Anonymous said...

hope that thumb gets better really soon. So I guess this means no thumb wrestling with Mr. Skittles for awhile, huh? Have a great Thursday.

Rose said...

dogs do love tennis balls buy 2 so your dog might not take your's . i tell no one what i weigh. you are brave to share to anyone. have a good evening