Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish Me Luck

I feel like I have writer's block. What was I going to post about? eczema treatments? My dog? Hmm.. OH! I remember!!!

Last night I started the new higher dose of a med my psychiatrist prescribed. I take it at bedtime so this morning would be when and if I noticed any side effects I might get. So far I just feel a bit sleepier than normal.

Wish me luck with this. I've been feeling so down for quite a while. It happened so gradually, the downward slide, that I hardly noticed just how bad it had gotten until I took stock of how I was and how I'd changed. Classic signs I should know by heart.


Note: I normally ride my exercise bike 25 minutes a day but will add an extra minute for each comment I get on this post. One comment per person, please =)


Berni said...

Hope the additional meds help. Now for my minute please

Vivian said...

sending prayers for good results on the new meds
get on the bike girl!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

its good to exercise your mind and body and you'll be on your toes.

Jeni said...

We can just keep passing prayers back and forth, back and forth here now, can't we? And to save time and energy -hope that they meet up in the middle of Ohio someplace and decide to team up for both of us. Right?
Now add that minute Girl! Go rock!

Rose said...

thanks for your comment on my blog , my mother was better than myself in exercising. most medication changes take sometime to notice befor it is affecting you. I give you credit, you admit having a problem, get treatment , yes you get slumps, but alot of people wouldn't do what you are doing. Amen!

Grace said...

I will wish you success my friend. Oh, btw... I finally have another post up... with some news. Come over and see when you' feel up to it.

Carolina said...

Good luck!

Go Barb! (ready for your bikini yet?)