Sunday, September 19, 2010

No More Blogrolling

I was remembering the call I had with my old friend yesterday and thinking about phentermine reviews. Then I received an email from Blogrolling. They are shutting down.

Gasp and double gasp. They've been around forever! I used them for my Heads Or Tails meme for over two years. LOTS of bloggers have relied on them to make their meme and personal blogrolls. They will surely be missed. It's so bad that we bloggers almost have to fly our flags at half mast. Ok. Maybe not THAT bad.

I had been keeping my Heads Or Tails blogroll on my left sidebar just to look for people I've missed visiting. Now there's just an empty spot I need to fill. Must keep the sidebars close to even, you know. *cough*OCD*cough*

I need to think on this. Figure out what to put there instead.


ShannonW said...

Wow! Wonder why they are closing down?

Carolina said...

Oh dear! Due to the fact that I have no clue what Blogrolling is (is that very bad?) I cannot possibly leave an intelligent comment ;-) I hope you find something to fill the gap. I understand that uneven sidebars can be very disturbing. I do not suffer from OCD, I'm just anal ;-)

Misty DawnS said...

OH NO! NOT uneven sidebars!!! *runs out in the rain screaming* NOOOOOOOOO