Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Play The Game

My friend Terri from Mrs. Squidleys' Place told me about "The Game" on Facebook a while back. I thought maybe it was just a game she and her son made up, but I asked her about that this morning and she said it's been around and she gave me the wikipedia link so I could read about it. I decided to share the rules here. -WARNING- Once you read the rules, you will be playing.
  1. You cannot NOT play the game. Once you hear about it, you are playing.
  2. The object is to avoid thinking about "The Game."
  3. Whenever you think about "The Game" you lose.
  4. When you lose you have to announce your loss to at least one person.
  5. You start a new round.
I got hooked into playing when she posted the rules on Facebook. I had been wondering anyway why she would change her status from time to time to "I just lost the game."

Remember.. you have to be honest! There's no hidden cameras for players to keep an eye on each other!


Terri said...

I just lost the game which means YOU just lost the game as well! Thank goodness this is one game that we can play no matter what we are wearing or where we are. It's just that fun!

Rose said...

i'm not good at games nor do i play games pass rose