Friday, October 15, 2010

Things Are Changing

I used to sit in my house all day playing video card games online at Pogo Games. Or I'd be on Facebook or playing World of Warcraft. I'd almost never do so much as to step outside. You know why by now. Panic attacks and mild Agoraphobia. These kept me a prisoner in my home.

Things are changing.

I have been out of my house every day this week. Yep, every day. A couple days I was out with Mr. Skittles shopping. We went out to eat on my birthday, too. Other days I was out talking to the neighbors across the street. If not any of those then I was outside with the dog for a few minutes enjoying the feel of the sun on my face.

I don't know where this new confidence came from. I don't care where it came from. I'm just glad it's here for however long it decides to stay.


I will ride my exercise bike one extra minute for each comment I get on this post. One comment per person please. =)


Nikki Neurotic said...

I hope you enjoy the outdoors before the winter comes.

Jeni said...

That's some great changes going on there, Barb. Hope it continues for you in this vein for a long, long time to come too!

Carrie said...

Commenting! :)

It's been a good time to be outside this last week. I wish the weather would always be like this!