Thursday, November 18, 2010

Avon - Campaign 25

I mentioned not too long ago that I have become an Avon lady. Now, Barb, you may ask, how can you be an Avon lady when you barely leave your house? I wondered about the logic behind that myself when I signed up. But times have changed and so has Avon!

Avon is now online! Even more exciting is that I have my own online store where you can browse the current brochure or view all Avon products by category. You shop pretty much like you would at Amazon or eBay. Deliveries are made right to your door. How cool is that!

I am sooooo very excited to be doing this at this time. I can't begin to explain here all the neat things Avon has now. It's so much more than perfume and makeup. Of course they still have that, too.. but Avon also has products for your home, your children and even clothing and shoes!

Campaign 25 has just started. This brochure has over 200 possible gift ideas. Something we all need right about now with the holidays coming up so quickly. Why don't you hurry on over and take a peek? Don't forget to bookmark it. =)

My Store


Rose said...

i think that's good you are going forward in this. avon has great and inexpensive items. best wishes. rose

Eve said...

I was an Avon Lady back in 1975. I went door-to-door and all the little kids ran ahead of me shouting "the Avon lady is here." It was rather fun. I hope you have good luck with this enterprise.