Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheerleaders Needed

I've been kind of lazy about checking my blood sugar lately. Like.. um.. I neglected to do it for about a week. I know how naughty that is for me. Not to mention not good for my health.

I started again yesterday and as expected it was high. I almost considered looking for a place to buy diet pills online. But I decided to work on lowering it the way my doctor wants me to. Time to get back on track with checking my sugars, taking my oral med, too. Anddddd of course eating right. We've been eating WAY too much fast food lately. Bad, bad, bad Barb!!!

Let's show some encouragement, please. I sure could use some. Where's my cheerleaders? =)


blog-tips-kurus said...

here i am-will support u!!

Erika Jean said...

You an do it!!! (and I need to too! lol) I'm with you on the way too much Fast food deal!

Grace said...

I'm sorry this cheerleader from FL must not yell loud enough. I am a cheerleader, but I guess if I fail to come and yell then how would you ever know? Hmmm... something I need to work on. My 'new' job keeps me hopping and many times I am not interested (horrors!) in getting on computer at night after I'm home.

But I do know how important support is... so I will try to do better.

RAH RAH... Spirit Fingers!!!! YOU can DO IT!

Rose said...

hey girl! you know you can do this. stop playing and get to work, your a tough bird. rose

Forgetfulone said...

Take care of yourself! You have to do it!