Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I'm finally feeling quite a bit better! I still have a little cough and some sniffles but I don't feel anywhere as bad as I did the last couple weeks. Thanks for all your well wishes for my good health to return.

I was a little bit sad on Halloween. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for me but this past one Mr. Skittles and I stayed inside with our porch light off. We didn't feel it was fair to pass along our sickness germs along with the candy.

I could hear the children outside though and once in a while I would get up and peek out to look at their costumes and at the their rosy red faces with apple bottoms cheeks.


Nikki Neurotic said...

I've gotten to dislike Halloween, at least in this area. The kids (and way too many adults) tend to forget that the point of the holiday is to dress up. Instead they'll put in bare minimum effort and demand candy. I was so glad I was at work during trick or treating...except these two kids, neither one dressed, came through my line asking for candy. Huh? This is a grocery store. If you want candy you have to buy it, we don't give out free handouts.

Annelisa said...

Hey, I remember visiting you a few years ago! How are you doing?! I've not been blogging for a while, so I don't know what's been going on, but good to see you here

It's Blogblast for Peace (Dona Nobis Pacem) day today, so I'm wandering around the Blogosphere collecting Peaceglobes for Mimi: Mimi Writes

Carolina said...

Ooo, such a shame you had to give Halloween a miss this year. With you being 'dead' (weren't the neighboring children convinced about that because they never saw you outside?) you could have scared the socks off them. LOL

Glad you're both feeling better.

sre94 said...

Why didn't you dress up this year?