Monday, November 08, 2010

One Little Problem

I've had several hobbies and interests that have kept me busy the last year. Latch hook is one. I made several of those kits. I tried my hand at jewelry making for a brief time, too. I even had some jewelry making tools.. but I couldn't get the hang of it so that was short-lived. I've liked crochet and jigsaw puzzles for years and have done some crochet projects and worked a few puzzles.

But the thing I like most and for the longest is playing piano. My family had one when I was growing up and I had a few years of lessons. Then, when my kids were growing up, we bought a cheap, very out of tune one and had that for some time until I had to sell it when I moved to an apartment.

Recently Mr. Skittles had been talking about wanting to learn to play one. He used to play bass guitar so he's already musically inclined. Anyway, this sparked the fire in me to want one again, too.

A week ago we bought one. Not a real full-sized piano, but a keyboard one. We both love it and Mr. Skittles is learning quickly. I'm trying to help whenever I can and I'm also refreshing what I know and can remember.

There's one little problem..

I used to have trouble reading sheet music. Now I'm having trouble seeing it. Getting old and all. Hah! I told Mr. Skittles we're going to have to find me some large print music books. I wonder if they sell them in a large size. You know.. like those really big coloring books that kids lay on the floor to color in? =)


Rose said...

back from a trip and saying Hi! i think it's great that a couple plays music together. as for the sheet music, i suggest talking with someone at a music/instrument store. best in this direction. rose

Queen-Size funny bone said...

that is great. if you can't find any blow them up on a copy machine.