Saturday, November 27, 2010


Most people have started their Christmas shopping by now. I actually started my shopping way back in February when I spotted something I thought my oldest son would like. Knowing it wouldn't still be there come December, I bought it.

Mr. Skittles says he's a very easy person to shop for. I disagree. Sure, he has many hobbies and interests. Trains, models, computers, gadgets, tools.. just to name a few. Tools. He has more tools than anyone I know. Of course those DO come in handy when something breaks or a car needs working on so I don't begrudge him those. =)

The problem is not duplicating something he already has. Now that I think about it though he doesn't mind having duplicates. He's actually mentioned this to me. If I were to get him a utility knife as a stocking stuffer, he'd be as happy as if were the only one he had.

I need some coffee. Maybe I'll get more ideas once I'm fully awake and can finish making my shopping list.

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