Tuesday, December 07, 2010


World of Warcraft will soon be coming out with the next expansion pack called Cataclysm. This Saturday if I'm not mistaken. This is a game Mr. Skittles and I have enjoyed playing off and on for the last few years.. even to the point that it became a downright obsession.

With the expansion pack due out soon, this time it seems the WoW folks have forced some changes on those who might not want to upgrade. Some pretty big changes, too. Like in almost total destruction of everything we knew about the game. This is why the name 'Cataclysm'.

When we logged on to the game the other night we were shocked to see some very familiar places already destroyed. We noticed right away the building of what might be Big Agnes tents for the upcoming winter celebration.. but that was quickly overshadowed by the destruction of the major cities, landscapes and travel routes. We just wandered around the game in total disbelief.

Our overwhelming and common feeling was that they should have left those changes for the folks who want to upgrade and left things the way they were for those who don't.

End of rant.

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