Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This And That

I'm back up at the higher dose of Geodon as of last night. And last night and this morning was awful. It felt like my head was in a vise being smooshed together. As it started wearing off, around 8am, the pressure and shakiness started going away. Then at 8:30 it was time to take another. I can't handle it. I've called my doctor and am waiting to see what he has to say.. what he's going to change me to this time. UGH!


With our tax refund on the way and a bonus from Ford coming a week later, Mr. Skittles has been daydreaming about possible vacation plans this summer. I'm not able to think that far ahead not knowing how I'll be feeling then. I know there's pull up stations for gas and food and I would only have to get out of the car for potty breaks if my panic hit while away.

He'd like to visit Utah. I would, too. I think first on the list would be a trip to Florida to visit my mom. I haven't seen her in three years I think and that's far too long.

Are you thinking ahead to summer yet?


Erika Jean said...

I'd Love to take a summer vacation, money sucks though!

If you see your mom, would ya have a free place to stay? If so - I'd pick that one! ;-)

ShannonW said...

I am ready for summer and warmer weather!