Saturday, March 05, 2011

Need Something To Do

I quit smoking today. I figure if I can wear a patch in the hospital(s) for nine days then it was really dumb to light one up as soon as I was discharged. So Mr. Skittles picked up a box of patches for me on his way home from work yesterday and today was my quit day.

It's not easy. Anyone who has ever tried can tell you that. I need something to do with my hands. I could get another latch hook kit or maybe get a ring mandrel and make some jewelry.

Anything but overeat! I don't think I'll do that though. Overeat I mean. My stomach has shrunk and I eat way less than I used to. My appetite is lower, too. Good for my health. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and see if I've lost more.

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Nikki Neurotic said...

Good luck at quitting!