Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Forward

Tonight is the night we all set our clocks ahead one hour. Yippee.. an extra hour of sleep. =)

Spring will officially be here next week. Let's hope the weather reflects that as sometimes it feels like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. The weather here has been quite nice for this time of year except for a little return of snow yesterday.

Spring makes me think of flowers. It also reminds me of a birthday right around the corner. My mom's birthday is in April and I always like to send her a nice bouquet of Spring flowers! Maybe this year I'll check into Wilmington Delaware flower delivery. Even though she lives in Florida.


Note: We LOSE an hour of sleep tonight. BOOOOOO!


Forgetfulone said...

Barb, honey... we lose an hour tonight. Love the extra daylight, but hate losing my hour. I wish we stayed on the same time clock all year.

CiCi said...

Changing the time is something I gladly delegate to hubby to remember to do. Since we don't work and hardly have any appointments or time issues, it doesn't seem to matter much really one hour more or less. In the morning when I get my coffee and wake up the computer it will show me the new time. I have to save all the space left in my little pea brain for really important stuff.

Nikki Neurotic said...

My clock is one of those high tech ones that automatically sets the time. I love not having to bother with remembering to set it before bed.

But I hate losing the hour of sleep. Good thing I don't have to be anywhere until the afternoon.

Terri said...

ok I"m confused... didn't you and I talk about Mic not changing it's time? hmmmm who was that? lol