Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Is Coming

The official first day of Spring is this Sunday. Can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday we were all complaining about the snow and being cold. Maybe that WAS just yesterday for some of you. But, here in my part of Michigan the snow is almost melted thanks to some warmish weather and lots of rain.

Today it's supposed to get somewhere in the mid 50's. Yeehaw! I might open a few windows like I did last Sunday and let in more fresh air.

Warmer weather makes me think about vacation time. Road trips! We only went on one trip last year. Hard to believe. We're getting older though and driving for extended periods tires us out faster than it used to do.

We've tossed around the idea of getting a pop up camper to tow and even a small RV. There's the storage fee to figure in of course and deciding if it would really be a good investment for us. How much would we really use one?

I don't expect we'll get one this year. Don't be surprised to see us pulled over doing some rv repairs sometime in the future though! Mr. Skittles could most likely do most repairs on his own. He's handy like that. =)


Marie Anne said...

I just posted on my gardening blog about the mess I'm dealing with now that spring is upon us. A bit rainy out there (again), so it won't be today, though.

ShannonW said...

The snow is nearly all gone here in my part of Wisconsin also. I am so glad spring is nearly here!

Nikki Neurotic said...

My family used to have a trailer that we'd tow around on camping trips. We usually didn't go too far, our favorite place was only an hour away but we did tow it all the way down to Disney World.

CiCi said...

If your husband is handy with vehicles the RV would be fun. None of the setting up and taking down stuff you have to do with the pop up trailer. My hubby and I are older than you are and we have gotten to where we have so many enjoyable hobbies and dislike the change when we go somewhere. I like my peace and quiet at home. I camped most of my life with my kids and sometimes with friends so I know the good times ahead for you if and when you decide to get something you can take camping.

Rob White said...

Spring is a fantastic season for outing and camping, romance and enjoying the beauty of nature. Thanks for your post.

Heather said...

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