Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Perfect Home

Mike and I used to drive around and look at mobile homes in local trailer parks. It was an innocent and fun pastime for us. Daydreaming of *someday* moving away from apartment living. Two and a half years ago we bought a double-wide in a nice community.

We still have a dream of owning a house, though. Lately we've been looking at real estate listings. It's today's version of when we used to look at mobile homes.

We really only have a few nonnegotiables ..

We have to have a garage and basement. These are mostly for Mike although I would like a basement for tornado sirens. The rooms would have to be large enough to fit our furniture. We want central air conditioning. A large, fenced yard is a must, too. Low payments and taxes. Close to Mike's job. (Ok, maybe more than a few nonnegotiables.)

Is there a perfect home for us out there somewhere? Maybe. It really doesn't matter right now because we can't buy one. But it IS fun to daydream, though.


Nikki Neurotic said...

It's definitely fun to dream!


ShannonW said...

I agree Barb it is fun to dream :)

Forgetfulone said...

Someday... Fun to look, isn't it? I want to downsize in the next few years. We've got two out of the house and three to go, though.